Things you Should Know About Chatbots

As consumers continue to get bombarded with more advertisements on the traditional media channels and online, companies, both small and large, are facing the challenge of appealing to customers directly. Fortunately, combining AI systems and the intelligence of machine learning with technology platforms like mobile devices or instant messaging apps, chatbots can become an excellent way for companies to reach out to individual customers directly.


The program aims at conversing with human users/customers through an online service or app to respond to questions a user asks. It is aimed at creating a real conversation that can help users solve their problems or get the products or services they require. In the recent months, chatbots have become increasingly popular because companies around the globe have found it as an ideal solution for interacting with customers through services and apps they mostly use.


Whether it’s through personal assistants like Cortana or Siri, instant messaging services or customized online agents that help clients through purchases, chatbots have become increasingly popular online. Read this post here to learn more about chatbots.
Different types of chatbots


Because there are many ways chatbots can be used to provide essential services, different potential services can rely on using this technology. Most common chatbots use messaging services and apps, letting customers communicate to a business directly and vice versa. More companies are relying on chatbots to offer help desk facilities and online assistance to customers. As a result, clients don’t have to waste their useful time waiting to speak to customer service representatives via the phone.


After being promoted by Facebook Messenger, more companies are using chatbots to reach out to their users via instant messaging services. Mostly, this is used by customer service facilities like Facebook Messenger or for sending vouchers and notifications to clients who might be signed up to a loyalty scheme or in a specific location.


You can also find chatbots in numerous leading mobile devices that perform personal assistant services. Microsoft Window’s Cortana, Siri (Apple iOS), as well as Androids Google Assistant could be classified as chatbots. They all use machine learning and AI to respond to the questions customers ask. Some services can even link to external services and apps to offer experiences that are richer such as travel times, weather updates, or restaurant reservations. The internet has also been a valuable asset for chatbots. It allows devices to send updates or alerts each time something worth noting is detected.
How accurate are chatbots?


Chatbot’s accuracy depends a lot on the company that offers the service as well as its use. When acting as a promotional IM tool or an online helpdesk, there is a high chance that the service is linked to a certain underlying script. Deviating from this could make the system crash. The same applies to the voice-activated services like Google Assistant or Siri, where the platforms are designed to select certain keywords or vocal cues to respond accordingly.


Chatbots will truly change the way businesses communicate with their customers now and in the future. The chances are that the services will become more advanced and efficient with technological advancements.


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