Simple Technologies That Improve Business Productivity and Optics

When you think of today’s technology, you might gravitate toward smartphones and Internet-savvy televisions. There’s a lot of technology flowing through the consumer world, including items perfect for business applications. Take a look at a few of the simplest technologies that are making big waves in multiple industries. A company’s optics suddenly look more promising than ever before.


Showroom Tablets


You have a busy showroom. There might be a half-dozen salespeople on the floor at a given time. Don’t create a bottleneck at the main computer when there’s a question or sale occurring with multiple consumers. Hand out tablets to your salespeople. Connect these gadgets to your server. With the touch of the screen, they can access accounts and learn more about a product in question. There’s no wait time for the consumer. Your business optics improve while customers appreciate the expedited help.


Touchscreen Waiters


Sitting down to a nice lunch or dinner at a local restaurant is commonplace for many consumers. Waiting for the waiter to serve you, however, can be a chore. They never seem to be nearby when you really need them. Managers note these frustrations every day.


Add touchscreens to the tables where consumers can virtually call the waiter to the table. Order drinks or desserts on the touchscreen so that the waiter only has to pass by with the items instead of taking the order by hand. Most consumers love this feature that only enhances the restaurant’s productivity.


Wheeled Wonders


You have a display in the office that’s brought out for meetings and other gatherings. However, it’s a heavy-duty display. It’s difficult to maneuver. Consider a simple technology in the caster. Add 4 inch casters to certain displays, carts and other fixtures. These heavy items become manageable again. The casters last for many years because they fight rust and corrosion. Although casters aren’t electronic wonders, they allow you to defy physics as a heavy item is quickly pulled into a meeting.


Personal Hotspots


Chip in for unlimited data for your employees. With no limits, they can use their company phones as personal hotspots. Send out your salespeople to remote, job sites for those big sales. They have an instant connection to the Internet through their hotspots. There’s no frustration in finding a public, WiFi connection. Your field personnel appear professional and ready for anything as they serve their customers. Sales appear with ease when your employees can research questions and create invoices with just their remote laptops.


Website Analytics


Businesses thrive on information to remain competitive in the marketplace. Understanding the traffic accessing your website is part of this informational need. Website analytics are critical data points that tell a company if a visitor stayed on the site, moved around or purchased anything. If the person leaves abruptly, the analytics point to the problem. Slow pages or broken links can be fixed so that the next visitors turn into loyal customers.


Be aware of the latest technologies, but don’t necessarily invest in each idea that crosses your news feed. Research each technology that seems applicable to your business. You’ll notice over time that only a few items really shine through. Use these gadgets to see your company thrive and pull ahead of the competition in the near future.