Details About The Expert Company In Sweden

In Sweden, an extraordinary brand emerged and has experienced amazing success throughout the world. The company is known as Expert and provides quality products for all consumers. Expert products have provided consumers with excellent benefits throughout the fifty years since the company has been established.

What is the History of the Company?

According to reports, Expert International GmbH was founded in 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland. The retailers sell electronics such as televisions and radios to the masses. The company headquarters are also located in Zurich. In its history, the company was previously called Intercop. The retail chain has up to 7,400 stores currently throughout the world. The stores were the brainchild of Gunnar Nygren.

The reports show that the company changed its name to Expert International around 1971. As it merged with other retailers, the stores acquired their international trademarks and become well-known throughout the world. It also merged with Associated Volume Buyers and Cantrex as they explored international markets. Later, the company opened its Betta stores in both New Zealand and Australia.

What Subsidies are Owned by or Merged with Expert?

After their 2012 bankruptcy, the company was renamed in Nordic countries. The new name is Power, which is well known in Denmark, Finland, and Norway. After the renaming of the retail chain, the company began to bounce back from their financial woes.

Where Does Expert have the Most Stores?

Currently, Spain is a chief location for the retail chain, as it has opened 500 stores in the country. The products have found amazing success in the Spanish market, and upon the opening of the stores, profits hit an all-time high. Next, Germany has the second highest number of locations at 430. Additionally, there are forty-eight stores in Finland, twelve in Estonia, and forty-two in Belgium.

How has the Retailer Become Popular and Thrived?

The company’s team of experts develop the corporate identity in each new location and brand it effectively. The sales team acquires new properties and explore each new market thoroughly.

In Sweden, the initiative of Gunner Nygren has become an international success. The retail chain has sold millions of products worldwide and opened stores in a multitude of countries. Consumers who want to learn more about the retailer can contact them directly.